“Hope springs eternal” resulted from our continuous collaboration on musical projects of various forms & styles throughout the years, sprang out of a need for communication of emotions, artistic expression and introspective investigation of the human psyche.

Soon after the gradual disbandment of the greek trip-hop band “Freedom of Speech” of which we were both members, new ideas emerged, plus a more open field for further development of older ones, encapsulating the broad spectrum of our musical & artistic influences. Out of this period and material produced emerged our multifaceted first album “Supernova“.

Hope Springs Eternal are:

goss – bass, guitars, electronic wizardry
electronic music experimentalist, bass player, multimedia enthusiast

utopia – vocals & lyrics, earthly magic
singer, vocal experimentalist, visual artist, animation enthusiast

Please do not hesitate to use the form below for any & all communication purposes – the sole goal of our works is communication in the first place anyway – and we do enjoy it when it is bidirectional.

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